Grant Funding

A grant is a payment or gift made by the Parish Council to a separate organisation for a specific purpose that will benefit Nassington or residents of the parish, and which is not directly controlled or administered by the Parish Council. The law requires that Section 137 grants must be “in the interests of or will directly benefit the area or its inhabitants, or of part of it, or of some of it” and “the direct benefit should be commensurate with expenditure.” Similar considerations will apply when considering donations and applications for other grants.


Can I apply for a grant from Nassington Parish Council?

The parish council will consider grants to organisations that can demonstrate that the grant will benefit the residents of Nassington. 

What’s the amount?

Although there is no limit upon the amount that may be requested, there is a limit on what can be granted – there may have to be some compromise. Talk to us – call the clerk or have a chat with a councillor – we will help as much as possible.

When can I apply ?

To be in with the best chance of receiving your funding, any request for an amount in excess of £500 must be received by the Parish Council by the end of December in which the money is required.

How often can I make apply?

Only one request in any one year for the same cause will usually be considered. There is no restriction on applying in the following financial year.

How do I apply?

You are required to complete the application form provided and supply some background and substantiating information.

BUT Talk to us – the form is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ and might be a bit over-specified for what you are planning to do. Or perhaps you aren’t constituted and don’t have a bank account, but need some assistance to buy equipment to get you up and running.
We will do all that we can to assist.

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